Who is that?

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Summary: for the Scullyfic ‘Mulder in 155 Words’ Contest
Originally posted 8 Nov 2001

Title: Who Is That?
Author: Circe Invidiosa
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

Who is that? He catches my eye immediately. He’d catch anybody’s eye.

He’s walking across the park with a definite destination in mind. He is so smooth that he practically glides, but that doesn’t make his stride any less purposeful.

I can tell that there would be a steely gaze under those shades. I just wish he’d look over here. I can’t help but watch to see where he’s heading.

He stops just before a bench where a red-haired woman is sitting with her nose buried in a bunch of papers. She doesn’t even see him yet. He watches her few seconds and his face betrays a small smile that he thinks no one has seen. Then he moves in closer and gives her a gentle, playful poke to startle her and announce his presence before taking his seat beside her.

And suddenly it doesn’t matter who he is anymore because he is hers.