When It Rains

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Summary: When it rains/snows/storms….Tumblr prompt fill for lilydalexf from this post where I write a minific for the chosen prompt. Sorry it took me so long!

Originally posted on Tumblr 13 Sept 2019

When It Rains

After Scully became his partner, Mulder had to accept that when it rained, he was inevitably going to get the runoff from her umbrella down his collar. It was just the nature of their height difference. As they walked together or talked closely, her umbrella would dip under his and a stream of water would fall onto him.

It also meant that, if one of them forgot theirs, Mulder was the one holding the umbrella aloft between them and making sure they were both protected by it. If he held it too high, Scully would still get pelted; too low, he would be hunching over. And even though he had learned the skill early on, every now and then, he would still hold the umbrella just a little too high so that Scully would have to take his hand and gently correct him.

More often than not, Mulder forgot his umbrella.