The Discount Aisle

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Summary: in a week, it would be her birthday…Scully is shopping and musing.
Originally posted in 2005

Title: The Discount Aisle
Author: Circe Invidiosa
Notes: Written for Believe The Truth’s Valentine’s Day Challenge 2005

In a week, it would be her birthday. She suddenly realized that when she walked down the aisle engulfed with heavily-discounted Valentine’s Day trappings. As much as she didn’t buy into birthdays or the fabricated holiday anymore, they still served to remind her that she was alone, unless she counted her work and her partner. Normally, she didn’t.

She asked to stop at the pharmacy so she could get something for her headache. He asked her to bring him back a snack. She smiled as she tried to imagine the expression on his face if she brought him back a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She wondered if he would blush or make a teasing, innuendo-laden comment. Then wondered if she in turn would dismiss him by saying it was on sale or lead him into a dangerously flirtatious exchange.

Reaching for the largest floral patterned box, she thought, only one way to find out.