Stolen Words

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Summary: Scully in 155 words…a Scullyfic challenge.
Originally posted 7 Dec 2001

Title: Stolen Words
Author: Circe Invidiosa
Rating: G
Category: Scully in 155 Words
Spoilers: The Gift, Memento Mori

Doggett was cleaning up the mess he had made of Mulder’s apartment in his zeal to find the truth. Everything had to be put back where it belonged so Scully wouldn’t notice and ask questions he couldn’t answer.

He found the open notebook in a pile in Mulder’s bedroom. He would have minded his own business, except he recognized the handwriting. It wasn’t Mulder’s.

Unable to resist, he sat and read each page. He read the words of a frightened, dying woman coming to terms with what was happening to her and trying to be brave enough to let go. He read the words of a woman in love, but unable to express it…a woman still in love. He read the words meant for Mulder years ago. Did Mulder understand? Did she ever really tell him?

With new understanding, Doggett put the book in the bedside table for Mulder to find again when he returned.