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Imagine That

Summary: post Milagro story…Motive is never easy. Sometimes it occurs to one only later. Originally posted in Early Dec 2000 Author: Circe Invidiosa Rating: PG Spoilers: Milagro, mentions Irresistible Classification:… Read more »

Faux Pas

Summary: post En Ami; Mulder and Scully have it out over her trip with the Cancer Man Originally posted in Nov 2000 Author: Circe Invidiosa Rating: PG Spoilers: En Ami,… Read more »

Meilleurs Voeux

Summary: post Je Souhaite; Scully grills Mulder about his third wish originally posted in mid Oct 2000 Author: Circe Invidiosa Category: MSR, post ep Rating: PG Spoilers: Je Souhaite Disclaimers:… Read more »

Wasting Time

Summary: post Requiem; Scully has too much time to reflect Originally posted October 2000 Spoilers: Post Requiem, references to events in En Ami, all things, Redux II, Memento Mori, Zero… Read more »

At This Late Hour

Summary – Scully recalls what happened after falling asleep on Mulder’s couch. Originally posted Sept 2000 Rating – PG13 Category – MSR Spoilers – Post all things, mentions scene from… Read more »